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Tactical Gear

C13 EOD Demolition Case

Gryphon’s patented case with inserts, manufactured to meet DND requirements for transport of explosive stores required for explosive ordnance disposal and explosive range practices. The design and materials of this system allows for the carriage of Class 1.1 D and 1.4 S explosive items in the same case. This product has been tested and approved for use by the Canadian Forces.

Model: GE-C13
NSN: 1375-20-004-2089

MAZ Zengrange Firing systems

MAS Zengrange specialises in the design, development and manufacture of artillery and mortar fire control systems and explosive remote initiation devices.

MASZ Mini-DRFD – Mini Demolition Remote Firing Device

Mini-DRFD is a UHF digital radio controlled initiation system designed for the remote initiation of munitions and explosives incorporating an integrated Remote Initiation Firing (RIF) mode.

A Timed Initiated Firing (TIF) feature is also available. Further information is available upon request.

A standard Mini-DRFD system comprises one transmitter and five receivers; each receiver is designed to initiate one firing circuit with a resistance no greater than 25 ohms. Receivers can be configured to be either individually or collectively addressed.

The operating range of Mini-DRFD is 2-3km in urban terrain, 3-5km in open terrain and 10-25km line of sight..

MASZ FIREFLY – Expendable Lightweight Remote Firing System

Firefly is a low cost, UHF radio controlled remote initiation system designed for combat explosive demolition operations. A ruggedized, compact, lightweight and simple to use system, it lends itself well for dismounted operations where a blow in place mission is required. Firefly is a system configuration name for a Mini-DRFD Transmitter used in conjunction with expendable Receivers.

Receivers are bonded to Transmitters wirelessly, this enables users to deploy with sufficient quantities of Receivers to suit a particular mission. Firefly provides remote firing and timer countdown capability, thus giving flexibility to the commander during operations, particularly, where a quick and easy countermine or explosive demolitions task is required on the battlefield.

MASZ STIX – Mini-DRFD Shock Tube Initiator Expendable Receiver

STIX is part of the MAS Zengrange Mini-DRFD family of products. It has a waterproof polycarbonate housing containing the electronics necessary to accept and interrogate radio frequencies commands, then disseminate correct information to the firing circuit. STIX is expendable and designed for blow in place operations preventing the need for the operator to return to target to collect equipment, thus providing enhanced flexibility for the battlefield and preventing loss of mission tempo. STIX is lightweight, compact and rugged lending itself well as an expendable remote firing system that is ideal for a wide range of operational tasking and environments.

The STIX unit is configured via the Mini-DRFD Transmitter and incorporates both an integrated Remote Initiated Firing (RIF) mode and a Timer Initiated Firing (TIF) mode.

Receivers are selected from stock and individually bonded via wireless connection. Receivers can be configured to be either individually or collectively addressed enabling users to tailor requirements to suit a particular mission.

L3 Harris

Gryphon Engineering is the Authorized Exclusive Canadian rep for L3 Harris’ T4 and T7 UGV Robot product line. The information posted online is limited due to the sensitive nature of the systems.

For full details, demonstrations, and purchasing, please contact Gryphon’s professional sales team.

T4™ Robotic System

T4 is a versatile, highly mobile system with the superior strength and all-terrain, all-weather performance to overcome any challenge. Based on L3Harris’ decades of experience developing high-reliability robotic systems, T4 is designed to support the demanding requirements of commercial and military missions, including explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), hazardous materials (HAZMAT) clean-up and special weapons and tactics (SWAT) missions. T4 can be easily reconfigured to deploy a wide variety of payloads to meet evolving mission needs..

By combining power and flexibility in a compact, rugged package, T4 allows operators to quickly access, inspect and defeat hazardous threats in tight urban spaces and austere environments.

● Intuitive control enables fast completion of complex tasks
● Best-in-class manipulator reach and strength allow users toper form jobs typically only possible with large robots
● Hardened design supports operation in austere environments
● Superior electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection allows concurrent operation with electronic countermeasures (ECM)>Support for large calibre disruptors enables defeat of large targets
● Low maintenance, easy-to-repair design minimises downtime
● Common controller with T7™robotic system allows for integrated missions, reduced training and equipment costs, and easy deployment

T7™ Robotic System

Based on the input of hundreds of users, L3Harris developed T7 from the ground up to support the demanding requirements of commercial and military missions, including hazardous materials (HAZMAT) cleanup, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and special weapons and tactics (SWAT) missions. Its highly intuitive interface redefines ease of use with dynamic force feedback, providing unmatched command and control.

Constructed from field-proven subsystems, T7 has the strength T7™ ROBOTIC SYSTEM Unparalleled power, precision and performance T7 provides best-in-class mobility, manipulation and intuitive control, delivering uncompromised performance and dexterity to tackle any challenge. Its rugged, automotive-grade track system provides outstanding mobility and maneuverability. A variety of attachments enable use of standard-issue sensors, disruptors and tools, supporting a wide range of commercial and military missions, including HAZMAT and vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) defeat.

● Precision control and human-like dexterity improve mission effectiveness
● Rapid reconfiguration enablesT7 to meet evolving mission requirements
● Intuitive control reduces cognitive burden and shortens task completion time
● Upgradeable design and common interfaces extend service life
● Minimal training time reduces total life-cycle costs
● Common controller with T4™robotic system allows forintegrated missions, reducedtraining and equipment costs,and easy deployment


Vidisco provides innovative portable X-ray solutions for safe and accurate detection in demanding Security and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) applications. Founded in 1988, Vidisco pioneered the digital X-ray industry and today, continues to lead in developing, manufacturing and supporting a wide array of solutions. Thousands of Vidisco systems are deployed by top military, security and industrial organizations in 75 countries worldwide. They deliver fast, high-quality imaging in the most challenging environments.

Vidisco 21.5" Anti-Glare Screen

New screens, with a high IP score and enormous brightness of up to 1500 NIT, for work in any environmental conditions. Along with a new design that takes care of your maximum comfort while working under in-house or tough field conditions.

“Hot-Swappable”De Walt batteries
Two hot-swappable batteries for never-ending continuous operation in the field

Portable & Ergonomic
Design User-friendly and easy to transport, enhancing operator efficiency.

High Resolution
(1920p x 1080p) Crystal-clear imaging, optimized for snow and sun conditions.

1500 NIT, Superior display visibility, even in bright lighting environments, like harsh sun and snow conditions

IP65 rating
Option of dust and water resistant, Ideal for outdoor security

Minimizes reflections, ensuring clear images in challenging lighting situations

Vidisco Guardian DR System

First military-grade portable DR system designed from the ground up for security applications

IP67 rating
The world's first dust and water-proof panel designed for harsh field conditions.

“Hot-Swappable” batteries
Two hot-swappable batteries for never-ending continuous operation in the field

Remote multi-screen control
Wireless operation up to one mile. Supports multi-screen control through any mobile device..

Multi-orientation handle
Detachable handle for portrait or landscape orientation.

One-touch operation
2-3 second time-lapse for image capture.

MIL-STD connectors

Vidisco Hawk Pro System

A novel, proprietary & patented Vidisco technology allowing for the disruption of targeted critical components within an IED/Ordnance item. Using a gimballed targeting laser, enhanced imaging software, and a few other components, the EOD Technician can now acquire the precise firing solution required to perform highly accurate and consistent render safe disruption techniques.

Designed to be used with the Vidisco’s X-Ray System.

Enhances render-safe capability. Easy set-up, rapid deployment

Virtual Grid
Automatic, rapid and precise target acquisition (1.5 mm accuracy)

Augmented Reality
Platform of fering X-Ray with Optical Overlay in real time.

Integrates to the Grid Aim Kit currently use by most EOD/Bomb squad teams, fully compatible with XTK.

Vidisco Paladin System

With IED components & construction becoming smaller and more sophisticated, Vidisco’s Paladin utilizes a low dead space, high-definition, lightweight, and a rugged panel design that is crucial when developing a render-safe procedure confidently

IP67 rating
The world's first dust and water-proof system designed for harsh field conditions.

“Hot-Swappable” batteries
Two hot-swappable batteries for never-ending continuous operation in the field. *Paladin 17 only Battery operation system from 8 hr to 16 hr

High Resolution
Pixel pitch of 99 μm

Multi-orientation handle
Detachable handle for portrait or landscape orientation.

One-touch operation
2-3 second time-lapse for image capture.

From 1.4 kg to 2.5 kg

Vidisco Paladin 12 Lightweight / Tactical Solution

Easy to carry & conceal. Fast setup & threat detection. The discreet, portable DR solution for special operations when you’re on the move, and need to quickly assess threats.

12” panel and Android smartphone makes it easy to conceal

Wireless Option
With lightweight Microcat Battery operated system (8 hours battery life) hr

High Resolution
Pixel pitch of 99 μm

Plug & Play
Compatible with all Guardian systems

Fast Imaging
Acquires hi-res images in 2-3 seconds