Unmanned Systems

QinetiQ North America

Gryphon Engineering is the Authorized Exclusive Canadian rep for QinetiQ North America’s Unmanned Systems product line. The information posted online is limited due to the sensitive nature of the systems.

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Dragon Runner 10

The DR-10 MUGV is a lightweight, compact, multi-mission remote platform developed for supporting small unit dismounted operations. While using a wearable controller, the warfighter sends the DR-10 ahead of his small unit to gain situational awareness and take action. 

When fitted with the Light Weight Modular Arm, the DR-10 has the ability to investigate and recover or neutralize a potential IED. This lightweight arm weighs only seven pounds, can be spread loaded amongst the dismounted squad, and requires no tools to quickly install to the vehicle. 

DR-10’s day and night sensors allow it to serve as the forward eyes of the team while also delivering remote sensors, emplacing counter-IED charges, and more.

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Dragon Runner SUGV

Dragon Runner was originally developed for the U.S. Marine Corps. The basic model Dragon Runner weighs 14 lbs and measures just 12.2 x 16.6 x 6 inches. The basic Dragon Runner gave users the ability to see around corners in urban environments. Engineers and roboticists in the QinetiQ North America Technology Solutions Group have developed enhancements that make it possible for personnel in the field to take the basic Dragon Runner SUGV (small unmanned ground vehicle) and add whatever combination of treads, cameras, sensors and/or arms a mission requires.

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QinetiQ NA TALON Remotely Operated Vehicle

QinetiQ North America’s TALON robots are powerful, durable, lightweight tracked vehicles that are widely used for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), reconnaissance, communications, sensing, security, defence and rescue. They feature all-weather, day/night and amphibious capabilities and can navigate virtually any terrain.

The TALON is fast and mobile, able to climb stairs, negotiate rock piles, overcome concertina wire and plow through snow. These rugged robots have been used worldwide, from the 2001 WTC attack to Iraq, where one TALON, after being blown off a bridge and into the river below, was driven out of the river and onto the bank by its operators for retrieval.

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Robotic Applique Kit For Bobcat Loaders

QinetiQ North America’s Robotic Appliqué Kit (RAK) can be installed in about 15 minutes on 17 different models of Selectable Joystick Controlled (SJC) Bobcat® loaders (skid-steer, all-wheel steer, or compact track). The controller kit works on 16,000+ SJC Bobcat loaders produced since 2001 and sold worldwide.

RAK temporarily transforms the Bobcat® into a remotely operated “robot” capable of using more than 40 Bobcat-approved attachments. The loader can be sent down-range to handle large, deep-buried IEDs, vehicle-borne IEDs or land mines and unexploded ordnance. Upon completion of a mission, the operator can return the loader to manual operation by turning a key on the rear of the vehicle. The operator can also move a RAK from one SJC-equipped Bobcat loader to another, allowing the mission to dictate the optimal sized machine.

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Universal Tactical Robot Controller

The Tactical Robot Controller (or TRC) is the latest innovation out of QinetiQ North America’s Unmanned Systems Group. Engineered in cooperation with the US Marines, the TRC is a lightweight, wearable controller that allows tactical units to control a family of unmanned ground vehicles, various unmanned air vehicles, and unattended ground sensors a wide variety of platforms made by different companies all controlled by the TRC.

The TRC is the most lightweight, versatile, wearable unmanned system controller in the world today.

The operator simply attaches the communications pack for the system that they want to control, selects the application on the touch screen, and begins to command the platform.

The TRC was featured in Vanguard Magazine Canada – “Mobile Ground Control” (page 44 – edge of tech).

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