C13 EOD Demolition Case


Gryphon’s patented case with inserts, manufactured to meet DND requirements for transport of explosive stores required for explosive ordnance disposal and explosive range practices. The design and materials of this system allows for the carriage of Class 1.1 D and 1.4 S explosive items in the same case. This product has been tested and approved for use by the Canadian Forces.

Model: GE-C13
NSN: 1375-20-004-2089

C17 Satchel Demolition Charge Case


The Gryphon patented C17 Satchel Charge Case is an innovative industrial strength nylon case with a heavy duty Delrin zipper that holds 20 lb. of Mil Spec Composition C4 in standard 1.25 lb. blocks. The Gryphon C17 Satchel Charge Case, currently in service with the Canadian Armed Forces, comes complete with a manually inflatable floatation bladder allowing the satchel to be used for underwater demolition tasks.

Model: GED-C17
NSN: 1375-20-002-9379


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