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Broco, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality cutting systems for both land and underwater applications, underwater wet welding consumables, battery welding systems, and other cutting and welding-related technologies. The company’s divisions include Broco Underwater, Broco Industrial, and Broco Tactical. Broco Industrial offers high-performance cutting and welding solutions including exothermic cutting and torch systems, arc gouging carbon electrodes, and portable MIG welding with GOWELD. Broco Industrial cutting products are used by professionals worldwide to cut, pierce and gouge almost any ferrous or non-ferrous material. 

Gryphon Engineering is the Authorized Canadian Sole-Source for Tactical Torch Sets for the Department of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces.

Broco 36v Mini Breaching Saw Kit

Adapted for use with the Broco Mini-RipperTM diamondblades this is the super lightweight alternative to gasoline powered quickie saws. Races through steel, alumni, and poly-carbonate (plexi-glass). Lightweight: easy to carry, less gyroscopic effect, more control.

Ideal for: cutting chains, hardened locks, and window bars. Can be used on outward opening doors to cut hinges and bolt throws. Cut metal security door frames to disengage locksets. 

Model: BRO-36V-KIT

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Broco Baby Enforcer Door Ram

BABY ENFORCER 16″ is a compact version of the ENFORCER door ram designed for operations with space and weight constraints. Easy to conceal and easy to carry, its high mass provides effective operations in tight, difficult breaching conditions.

Ideal for plainclothes work: Narcotics, Gangs, Vice.


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Broco BR-22 PLUS Cutting Torch

Broco, Inc., the world leader in underwater cutting and welding systems, introduces the next generation BR-22 PLUS Cutting Torch (patent pending).

This new torch features 21 design improvements, including the removal of all rubber from direct oxygen pathway, a PTFE lined fiberglass reinforced coupler hose, improved flash arrestor with higher oxygen flow rate and better flash back protection, non-return valve to prevent back flow, and improved collet and collet washer design.

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Broco Diamond Ripper Saw Blades

The Diamond Ripper is a new tactical blade for breaching operations. It o ers industry leading features including a thin double-layer diamond cutting edge that yields quick cut times, an aggressive texture to shred materials typically cut with carbide tipped blades, and a nickel alloy matrix that secures the diamonds to resist erosion and provide superior wear resistance much longer than traditional carbide blades. Available for gasoline-engine powered saws and electric grinders.

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Broco Door Blower Forced Entry
System (Hydraulic)

The Broco Door Blower, a powerful new forced entry system for rst responders and tactical teams. This new hydraulic /pneumatic door opener features 10 tons of explosive power. The Broco Door Blower is a hydraulic jamb spreader supporting a steel-reinforced high pressure bag. Compressed air from a small cylinder powers the dynamic component. The Broco Door Blower packs the power of explosives without the liability.

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Broco Easytouch Utility Wet
Welding Electrodes

Economically priced while yielding excellent results, EasyTouch electrodes are the ones to choose for anodes and other non-structural repairs. 

Designed by Broco for the lower end market, EasyTouch allows contractors to bid performance and profitability. EasyTouch lives up to its name being easy to light, easy to run (controllable puddle with rippled bead appearance) and easy to clean. Like SofTouch, EasyTouch is a high deposition all-position electrode.

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Broco Enforcer Door Ram 24″

The Broco ENFORCER 24″ impacts at 3.5 tons, breaches most residential doors within one to two seconds, and forces open doors with as many as seven different bolts, locking systems and chains.


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Broco Mini-Tac Cutting Torch Kit

The chosen torch kit by the U.S. Army, the FBI and other special units around the world, the Broco MINITAC tactical torch kit is the smallest, most portable exothermic torch kit in the market. The 15-cubic foot composite wrapped cylinder, regulator, torch, carrying pouch and a packet of rods weighs only 8 lb. when deployed with Broco Prime Cut RapidFire igniters. The PC/MTMMOD1 is well suited to limited cutting operations where portability, speed and cutting capability are paramount. The PC/MTMMOD1 can be used in either a handheld con guration or belt mounted in a traditional exothermic torch con guration. Hand tight ttings and quick-connects facilitate assembly and disassembly without the use of tools.

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Broco Prime Cut Ultrathermic
Cutting Rods

Broco Prime Cut Ultrathermic Rods are for use in all Broco cutting torches, and many other commercial thermal torch systems. Broco Industrial Prime Cut Ultrathermic rods contain core wires which burn in excess of 10,000 degrees F at the tip. Broco rods cut, melt or liquify virtually any known substance. 

These internal rods are recessed at the torch end to prevent burn back into the torch. This safety feature is unique to Broco . Circular crimps secure the internal wires. Broco Ultrathermic rods can be bent without restricting oxygen ow or splitting enabling the operator to reach di cult or otherwise inaccessible places and ensure even burn.

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Broco Rescue & Recovery Torch
Kit – PC/A-5V2HR

The Broco PC/A-5V2HR Recovery & Rescue Torch Kit is the most recent evolution of the Broco Industrial backpacked torch. It meets the requirements of Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) teams for both confined space and extended cutting operations. PC/A-5V2HR now contains a depth compensating oxygen regulator to facilitate limited  underwater rescue and damage control cutting operations to 90 fsw.

RapidFire cutting rod igniters are required for underwater ignition of cutting rods.

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Broco Tactical Cutting Torch Kit –

The PC/TACMOD1 is the chosen Assault Breachers’ Torch Kits for U.S. Marine Corps, FBI, and federal and local special response teams across the United States. The PC/TACMOD1 is a lightweight backpacked torch set that can also be used from a stationary position by utilizing the included hose and cable extensions.

PC/TACMOD1 uses oxygen gas and consumable alloy cutting rods to produce a cutting temperature of about 10,000 degrees F, hot enough to melt steel bars in a matter of a few seconds.

The torch kit is configured for use with Broco Cutting Rods and RapidFire cutting rod igniters.


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Broco Rhino Security Door

The Broco Rhino is the most effective one-man outward opening security screen door puller available today. Its large point penetrates screens to hook behind lock plates. The slide action breaks doors, locks and jambs. Compared to prior art Rhino is lighter, takes up less space and is easier to use. 

Whereas opening security doors used to be a two or even three man job (one man wielding the Halligan and another having to set it; or one man to punch and two more to pull) Rhino is deployed by just one breacher allowing the other to be on the ram for quicker response. And speed is safety!

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Jimmy Tactical Pry Bar

Can’t Get in? Jimmy it! Every member of the team, not just SWAT entry guys, should carry a Jimmy. Made from heat treated hardened steel with high-density foam under a wrapped cord grip for comfort. Jimmy has a striking surface at the back end and a lanyard attaching loop. This type tactical pry bar was innovated by NYPD ESU entry experts who identified the need for an easily carried multipurpose tool to assist with forced entry of buildings, rooms and locked furnishings.

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Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting

Burning in excess of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit at the tip, Broco Underwater Ultrathermic cutting rods cut or melt virtually any known material. Broco’s patented rod design features alloy core wires retained by a series of circular crimps. Recessing these internal wires on the torch end of the rod helps prevent burn back into the torch, making Broco Underwater Ultrathermic cutting rods the safest on the market. Broco Underwater Ultrathermic cutting rods are available in 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch diameters to suit the diver’s job requirements. Standard length is 18 inches.

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50 Ft Air Hose Bag

Gryphon’s industrial-strength Hose Bag comfortably holds 50-ft Air Hose.

Materials: 1000 Denier Cordura, Mil-Spec Zipper

Available Colours: CAG, Police Blue, Black, Tan

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