GES MK54 Dual Shock Tube Initiator System


Due to the sensitive nature of this product, Gryphon has only publicized the basic information of this system. For full details, pricing, and availability, please contact Gryphon’s Professional Sales Team.

The hand-held MK54 Dual Shock Tube initiating device was approved for use by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for use with several non-electric firing systems such as Shock Tube or Non-el. The MK54, or Qualitec as it is known in Canada, has been in service for approximately 20 years. It can be configured with Brass Adapters for use with Commercial Shock- Tube. The MK54 Mod 2 has been modified for use in explosive breaching applications.

Model: GE-MK54-MOD2
NSN: 1375-20-011-1483

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