Standard Frame

Standard Breaching Frame


Gryphon’s Breaching Entry Frames are specially engineered containers designed to facilitate structure breaching for hostage rescue, counter-terrorism and special forces operations, through a wide range of target materials and structural types.Gryphon Entry Frames may be used against targets such as: cinder block, brick and concrete walls, as well as solid core wood doors, metal clad fire doors and security doors. It produces an entry hole approximately the same dimensions as the frame.

Model: GBF-1VS

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Weight per frame: empty: 12.0 lb./ 5.45 kg; water filled: 39.0 lb./ 17.72 kg

  • Filler medium capacity: 3.2 gal./ 12.3 Liters
  • Dimensions: Width: 24.5″/ 62.23 cm , Length: 44.5″/ 113.03 cm
  • Thickness (Depth approx. 4″/ 10.16 cm)
  • 1VS Entry Frame, 1″ deep, square corner, main charge loading


Contact Gryphon directly for full details and purchasing.

  • Contact Gryphon directly for full details and purchasing
  • 6 frames per box, sold per box

Legal Disclaimer: Only sold to government authorized agencies.