Gunport Frame

GES Gunport Breaching Frame


This is a PVC plastic explosive entry frame with a 1 inch loading for explosives. It is filled with water or sand for greater tamping effect. The Gunport Frame uses the same prop poles as the standard GBF-1VS frame and the GBF-1VF Folding Frame.

Model: GP-1VS
NSN: 1385-21-907-3106

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The GP-1VS Gunport Breaching Frame can use the following explosives:

  • Sheet Explosive – various widths and thickness, RDX or PETN based
  • Linear Shaped Charge – 100 gr./ ft. (20 g/ m) to 2200 gr./ ft. (500 g/ m) copper or lead clad
  • Detonating Cord – 50 gr./ ft. to 500 gr./ ft. (10 g/ m to 110 g/ m)
  • Extrudable Explosive – RDX based (DEMEX 100) or PETN based (DEXS)

GP-1VS breach point dimensions:

Gryphon Engineering Gun Port frames produce an opening about the size of the frame’s outer dimensions, depending on the target material being penetrated and the explosive load (approximately 16 inches x 16 inches (40 cm x 40 cm).

  • Weight per unit, empty: 4.4 lb. 2 kg
  • Weight per unit, water filled: 19.8 lb. 9 kg
  • Weight per unit, powdered salt filled: 21.3 lb. 9.7 kg
  • Filler medium capacity: 1.85 gal. 7 Liters


Contact Gryphon directly for full details and purchasing.

  • Contact Gryphon directly for full details and purchasing¬†
  • 6 units per Fiberboard box (6 unit minimum for each purchase)

Legal Disclaimer: Only Sold to Government Authorized Agencies