Initiator Bags

Gryphon Initiator Bag (w/ Non-el Reel + Det Cans)


The Gryphon Initiator Bag was purpose designed to assist police bomb technicians in the carriage of a firing system comprised of Shock Tube, detonators and mechanical initiators. The bag has built-in custom pockets, allowing for the safe storage of two detonator containers, a Shock Tube reel with a MK54 initiator mounted on the side. The bag is large enough to allow the carriage of additional M209 primers and rolls of tape while being conveniently designed for one handed carriage, allowing operators
to keep one hand free. Gryphon’s Initiator Bag has been in service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other Canadian Police Agencies for several years.

Kit includes Gryphon’s following products: 1 x bag, 1 x non-el reel, 1 x MK54 mount, 2 x LDC-1 Det Cans

Model: GES-IniBag-Kit

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