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MASZ Flashonator – Detonator Simulator Flash Device


Detonator Simulator Flash Device for Training & Testing

Flashonator is a consumable product that simulates the use of an electric detonator in a demolition firing circuit, providing users with a safe means to conduct equipment testing and dry training of BIRIS and other handheld and remote firing devices. Such testing may be required during pre-deployment rehearsals and equipment checks or during equipment serviceability testing conducted at the stores facility.

Flashonator is designed for use where live electric initiators or heat generating one-use consumable flash-bulbs are not desired. It is purpose built to give a similar measurable resistance of an electric L2A2 detonator when connected to a firing circuit. When fired, Flashonator provides a white omnidirectional flash utilising an LED that confirms initiation of the firing circuit has taken place.

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