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Double-Tap Standard Tool Set


Cost effective alternative to Double-Tap’s premium line of breaching tools. This is the most economical collapsible tactical breaching tool set on the market. Both tools, the Standard Breaching Hammer and the Standard Breaching Halligan, are held to the same high standards as the original Double-Tap breaching tool but Double-Tap uses more cost effective materials and a different head design for the hammer. It does not incorporate the floating mass inside the head and the shaft is stainless steel, which replaces the titanium shaft. This reduces the cost with no reduction in performance and with only 1.2 lb. of added weight. It uses the same handle and locking system that has proven effective in the original tool. Both heads have been heat treated for long life.

Gryphon is the Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Double-Tap Breaching Tools.

Model: STS-DT
Manufactured by: BCM Manufacturing Ltd.

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