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4 Piece Folding Pole


The Gryphon Engineering Folding Prop Pole (patent pending) has been purpose designed to allow tactical use of the folding frame. It has been designed to allow for operational deployment right off an operators back. The pole is in three sections,
attached by Mil Spec bungee cord that allows operators to quickly deploy the pole system. The folding pole system provides a deployed height a little over five feet for the standard folding pole. Pole systems can be custom manufactured for specific height requirements.

The Gryphon folding poles are joined using Mil Spec bungee cord and special end connectors. The end of the pole that fits into the folding entry frame has a beveled edge to allow for easy insertion of the pole into the folding entry frame.

The folding pole is designed to be carried either attached to the folding frame ready for immediate tactical deployment, or just strapped into the custom carry bag with the folding frame in the standard shipping configuration.

Additional sections of pole can be ordered to provide users with additional height for deployment. Pole systems can be ordered separately from the folding frames.

  • Length of individual pole: 66 inches
  • Poles are constructed of heavy gauge PVC, joined by Mil Spec bungee cord.

Model: GFP-DR4
NSN: 1375-20-003-2422

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  • Minimum order of 10 poles
  • 45 poles per 2.5 cubic foot Fiberboard box

Legal Disclaimer: Only Sold to Government Authorized Agencies

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