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One for All - Ultimate Concealment Gear Built for the Discrete Elite

ONE.4ALL Concealment gear is quality-trusted equipment that has been engineered for and professionally utilized by Military and LE sniper units in Canada. From rugged tactical gear and camouflage equipment to enhanced ghillie suits and kits, 1.4A offers a full range of elite concealment tools and equipment you can depend on in nearly any environment. Individual products and kits can be utilized in woodland, desert, marsh, and fielded environments.

Many 1.4A products are open for use by the public. Whether it be for paintball, milsim, hunting, airsof, or nature photography, 1.4A gear can be used to enhance your concealment in many environments by various experienced end-users.





Engineered with the elite in mind, Gryphon always uses industry-leading materials providing you with high-quality and innovative gear. 1.4A sniper and concealment gear provides a range of professional-standard solutions for concealment and ideally blending into a range of environments. Since 1998, Gryphon has worked closely with the Canadian Forces, Law-Enforcement community, and field-experts in engineering and quality tactical trusted in Canada and around the world.




Rest assured, ONE.4ALL sniper and concealment gear is genuinely engineered and manufactured in Ottawa, Canada by a team of skilled Canadians you can trust. From smocks to netting to kits, Gryphon offers you a catalog with a range of custom options,materials, and products to choose from. Select 1.4A sniper and concealment gear is available for viewing and secure reliable purchasing by professionals and civilians online with PayPal and major credit card.

Customized Kitting, Product Development, and Textile Services

Through working with speciality teams as well as manufacturing quality tactical gear, Gryphon has acquired the ability to provide mission-specific solutions for the client and their task at hand. From kitting to deployability to custom product development, Gryphon's team of professional experts will work with you to provide the ideal solution for concealment requirements of any nature and 'in' any nature.

To better serve our growing base of Government and Military clients, Gryphon is a fully registered supplier to both the Canadian and United States of America Government with Cage Code L5773. We hold many applicable licenses to allow for use of Canadian and USA Government technical data specifications. Gryphon is also a member of TRACE, a United States based anti-corruption program.

Quality Products

Professional Services

Portfolio Summary

- Various Military Grade Sniper Smocks and Pants
- Range of Ghillie Garnish and Jute Product
- Ghillie Concealment Enhancement Kits
- Tactical Netting & Mesh Kits
- Standard and Custom Ghillie Suits
- Weapon Accessories
- Rugged Backpacks and Bags

- Kitting & Packaging
- Multi-Environment Sniper Operations Kits
- Issue a Ready-to-Use Kit
- Custom Product Development
- In-House Textile Manufacturing
- Embroidery Capabilities
- Single and Bulk Runs

- Professional LE & Military Sniper Units
- AirSoft Community
- PaintBall and Milsim Players
- Hunting & Outdoor Sports
- Nature & Bird Photographers
- Recreational Use

View and Download Gryphon's Sniper Concealment Product Catalogs:

View ONE4ALL Full Product Catalog: Click here PDF

View ONE4ALL 1 Page Market Sheet: Click here PDF

Easy. Secure. Efficient. Gryphon Offers convenient online ordering for most One4All Gear.

Easily browse and buy online. Gryphon offers secure online purchasing and Request for Quote through www.GryphEng.com. For additional services, please contact us directly.