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MASZ Mini Demolition Remote Firing Device (DRFD)
MASZ Mini Demolition Remote Firing Device (DRFD)

MASZ Mini Demolition Remote Firing Device (DRFD)

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The Mini-DRFD remote initiation system is designed to command detonate explosives by UHF digital radio signals and can be employed operationally as an offensive or defensive explosive initiation system. Mini-DRFD comprises of one transmitter and either 5 or 10 receivers depending on customer requirements. Specialised accessories are available to expand the capabilities of the system allowing additional explosive detonation and configuration options. The system may be delivered with Timer Initiated Firing (TIF). Contact us for more information on TIF enabled devices.
The Mini-DRFD is manufactured by MAS Zengrange Ltd (MASZ). MASZ specialises in advanced RF and digital system technologies. Focused on defence forces, the company is a leading designer and manufacturer of the application of digital communications and real-time systems to defence products and services.

Gryphon Engineering serves as Canada's exclusive Representative of MAS Zengrange Ltd.
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  • Manufactured by: MAS Zengrange

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