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MASZ Mini-DRFD - Mini Demolition Remote Firing Device

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Mini-DRFD is a UHF digital radio controlled initiation system designed for the remote initiation of munitions and explosives incorporating an integrated Remote Initiation Firing (RIF) mode.

A Timed Initiated Firing (TIF) feature is also available. Further information is available upon request.

A standard Mini-DRFD system comprises one transmitter and five receivers; each receiver is designed to initiate one firing circuit with a resistance no greater than 25 ohms. Receivers can be configured to be either individually or collectively addressed.

The operating range of Mini-DRFD is 2-3km in urban terrain, 3-5km in open terrain and 10-25km line of sight
Gryphon Engineering serves as Canada's exclusive Representative for MAS Zengrange Ltd.

This product is limited for use and sale to Military, Law Enforcement, and Approved Government Agencies.

For further information, specifications, and quote, please contact one of Gryphon Engineering Services' RFD specialists today.

  • Manufactured by: MAS Zengrange

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