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Ultimate Equipment Protection from the Elements - This is Pelican Products.

Pelican Products, Inc. is the global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems. Their products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including firefighters, police, defense / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Pelican products are designed and built to last a lifetime.

Lightweight and rugged, the Pelican Storm Case is the result of years of perfecting and testing in both the laboratory and the field. From the proprietary HPX plastic resin that is tough during low-temperature impact testing, to the patented Press & Pull latch that opens easily, every facet of these lightweight cases has been created to defend your vital gear. The Pelican Storm Case has been designed to meet or exceed military testing requirements. Many are airline size appropriate , and all are interenationally shippable.

Your Trusted Online Portal for Your Hard Case Needs

Gryphon Case Solutions is motivated to be your online destination for Pelican Cases, transport equipment, flashlights, and remote area lighting. An authorized dealer of Pelican Products, Inc., Gryphon Case Solutions offers a refreshing customer-first (some even say customer-centric) approach to business, from the moment you load our homepage on your desktop or phone, to the time you receive your product in hand, to the instant you may require servicing. Our team provides Easy, Reliable and Efficient solutions using a professional approach. Gryphon is driven and committed to providing quality of excellence with every product it delivers– a product you can depend on when you need it most. As customers ourselves, Gryphon's professional team strives to provide a world-renowned product at 'bulk-purchase' pricing complimented by incredible yet modest customer service. We proudly service customers across Canada, North America, and around the world.

Gryphon Case Solutions is a proud service of Gryphon Engineering Services. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Gryphon provides quality-trusted products for those tough-on-everything users. For 20 years, Gryphon has been engineering and manufacturing industrial-grade Canadian-made tactical gear intended for use by Law Enforcement, Fire, and Military. While continuing to meet professional grade quality, Gryphon actively continues to expand its rugged line of equipment available for use by everyone. To better serve our customers, Gryphon offers a diverse line of innovative products manufactured by highly respected companies from around the world— including Pelican Products, Inc.

Custom Case Foam Engineering & Textile Enhancement Services

Through the production of our patented specialized cases over the years, Gryphon has acquired the ability to provide a quality-grade hard case with customized CNC foam inserts and textile accessories. With availability to the full line of Pelican, Pelican Storm Case and Pelican-Hardigg Cases, Gryphon installs custom-cut CNC inserts made from sturdy foam that is task-specific for the client and their task at hand. The properties of the foam can range from low to high density and include capabilities such as anti-static, flame-retardant, and blast-resistant. Gryphon's team of professional experts will work with you to provide the ideal solution for your shipping, storage, and concealment requirements of any size.

To better serve our growing base of Government and Military clients, Gryphon is a fully registered supplier to both the Canadian and United States of America Government with Cage Code L5773. We hold many applicable licenses to allow for use of Canadian and USA Government technical data specifications. Gryphon is also a member of TRACE, a United States based anti-corruption program.

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Gryphon strives to have only the best of the best for its customers, which is why we are proud to work with Pelican-Hardigg ADVANCED CASE SOLUTIONS. Only Pelican-Hardigg offers every customer the optimized global resources of a renowned injection and roto-molded case leader’s customized service and manufacturing capabilities. The resulting ability to respond with speed and agility benefits every Advanced Case Solutions customer, whether requiring one unique case solution or a thousand delivered worldwide. Every facet of customization from project management, customer relations, logistics, testing, engineering support and prototyping through final fabrication is handled within a comprehensive system to assure that failure is not an option. This unique approach brings a global presence to a regionalized dynamic to meet your custom solution needs.

Advanced Case Solutions are the embodiment of Pelican-Hardigg proficiencies across materials science, packaging engineering, project management and manufacturing. As the inventors of the industry standard cushioning curve formula, innovators in case design and experts in protecting high-tech military equipment– few challenges are beyond our capabilities. Our products have protected the most sensitive, state-of-the-art technologies deployed around the globe under the most exacting conditions by military, private sector and industrial customers. Pelican-Hardigg ACS are experts at Mission Critical success.

Easy. Secure. Efficient. Gryphon Offers convenient online ordering for all Pelican and Pelican-Storm Cases.

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