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Professional Services

Gryphon delivers a wide range of services and products to both government departments and corporate clients world-wide. Gryphon's professional team of former Special Operatives and Senior Law Enforcement Personnel provide a diverse range of skills and knowledge gained through combat operations and field experience. Gryphon offers professional expertise to fit any client requirements in the following areas:

Consulting Services:

Gryphon's Consulting Services focus on Tactical Planning, Explosives & Ancillary Equipment, and various course writing & development.

      • Selection of Explosives & Ancillary Equipment for Tactical Operations
      • Selection & Design of Tactical Equipment
      • Development & Writing of Standard Operating Procedures ( SOPís)
      • Development & writing of Course Training Standards (CTS)
      • Development of Course Training Plans (CTP)

Security and Risk Management:

Gryphon supplies reaslitc and coste effective solutions for eliminating potential terrorist and organized-criminal attacks.

      • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (Risk Analysis)
      • Crisis Management Program Development
      • Physical Protection & Site Security
      • Security Training: Complete training packages or testing/validation of current security SOPs
      • Development & Writing of SOPs and TPPs

Threat & Vulnerability Assessment (Risk Analysis):

Gryphon offers realistic Threat & Vulnerability Assessments for corporate and government operations to identify and/or expose potential security risks including criminal-based and terrorist activities. Using a variety of tools and procedures, our professional team provides full analysis of the vulnerability of a facility, operation, or individual from physical, CBRNE, cyber, and environmental threats. If you don't know how to attack it - how can you defend it?"

Crisis Management Program Development (Risk Mitigation):

Gryphonís Risk Mitigation Specialists design and coordinate crisis management programs. The development and implementation of a CMP will allow for government and/or corporate operations to identify variables to prevent crisis, establish a crisis response strategy, and assigning formal protocol and SOP's before, during, and after a crisis has occurred.

Physical Protection & Site Security:

Gryphonís skilled professionals offer practical and cost effective security solutions for facilities and personnel. Gryphon services both government and corporate entities applying our unique skill set and experience to provide a security solution that is tailored to meet each client's unique requirement. Gryphon provides a solid, sensible solution, that is pro-active using a variety of methods and techniques for protection against terrorist and criminal threats.

Training Courses:

      • Basic Manual & Shotgun Breaching
      • Thermal Breaching
      • Explosive Breaching Level 1 (Basic)
      • Explosive Breaching Level 2 (Advanced)
      • EOD/IEDD Basic and Advanced Courses
      • Tactical Planning Course for Commanders

Speciality Courses:

      • Carver Target Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment Course
      • Civilian Foreign Travel Awareness & Avoidance Course
      • K9 Operations - Basic & Advanced

Gryphon works to provide custom and quality services with our clients in mind. Gryphon's staff are eager to assist departments and their special operations teams in the development of their individual programs. All our courses are tailored to meet the specific requirements & concerns of the client. Our instructors are all experienced special forces operators who are focused on realistic, real-world solutions. Please contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can provide you with a customized solution.