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Gryphon offers a variety of quality services and products to government departments, military and law enforcement units internationally. To better serve of clients, Gryphon is organized into four divisions providing effective solutions based on modern innovation and practical field experience for use by government agencies, military, tactical, & law enforcement units, and corporate identities. Gryphon's professional divisions are as follows:

Equipment & Technology Division:

With an internationally proven line of mil-spec equipment and technology products, Gryphon is your choice for quality you can trust in times when you need it most. Gryphon offers unique custom design and Canadian manufacture to specifications of specialty products as well as a variety of patented innovative products built on practical field experience and combat operations. Gryphon’s professional staff will work directly with you to better understand your requirement at any stage of development. To start working on a solution today, we urge you to contact us directly.


Design. Prototype. Production.


Gryphon is your trusted solution for custom CNC machining and milling. Gryphon offers CNC machining and fabrication services meeting a wide range of demanding specifications for our customers. Built on Gryphon’s years of success with in-service products, Gryphon’s services hone in on practical field experience and combat operations while ensuring quality assurance and quick turnaround is upheld.

From concept to reality, Gryphon provides professional in-house solutions within its Controlled Goods facility. Gryphon capabilities include technical drawing creation, design refinements, project development, automation design, and manufacturing.

  • Machining Centres
  • CNC Turret Lathes
  • Welding (MIG, DC TIG, AC TIG)
  • 3D Printing
  • Engineering Support
  • Plating and Surface Treatments
  • Sheet metal fabrications


Gryphon takes great pride in the quality of the workmanship that goes into every single textile product Gryphon produces which passes through thorough quality assurance. Gryphon’s Textile Division focuses on the designing of products and manufacturing of small production runs (1 to 2000 units) traditionally for the Military and First Responder market.

Gryphon specializes in providing comprehensive solutions and quality-trusted in-service products that are deveolped for use by military, law enforcement, and government agencies on a global scale. From Method-Of-Entry Equipment to Canine Tactical Gear to Integrated Backpack Systems, Gryphon has worked closely with client after client delivering field-proven products.

Gryphon is a trusted provider of textiles internationally and in Canada to the Canadian Forces, the RCMP and other federal & municipal government agencies. Using a dynamic method of textile combinations to improve ballistic capabilities, Gryphon provides professional in-house solutions within its Controlled Goods facility.

  • Industrial & Military Grade Textile Production
  • Design & Rapid-Prototype Production
  • Custom Manufacturing of Textile Products
  • Sub-Contract for Third Party Runs
  • Badges/Logos/Personalization


Through Gryphon Custom Case Solutions Services, Gryphon provides both off-the-shelf and custom case systems for the stowage and transportation of sensitive equipment. With its in-house capabilities, Gryphon can offer CAD design and installment of custom CNC cut foam inserts made from sturdy foam that is task-specific for the client and their operation at hand. The properties of foam can range from low to high density and include capabilities such as anti-static, flame-retardant, and blast-resistant.

Building on the production of Gryphon’s patented Specialized Military Cases over the years, Gryphon acquired the professional ability to provide quality grade hard cases with customized CNC foam inserts and textile enhancements.

Working together with Pelican Products, Inc., as an authorized dealer, Gryphon is able to provide a comprehensive offering of containers meeting the most tingent of environments and specification. Gryphon also offers its customers the full line of Pelican, Pelican Storm Case and Pelican-Hardigg Cases.

  • Protective Storage & Shipping Case Solution Consultation
  • Design & Rapid-Prototype Production
  • Custom CNC Foam Insert Engineering
  • In-House Textile Enhancements
  • Badges/Logos/Personalization
  • Shock-Mounted Rack Cases
  • Single and Bulk Run Production


Tested. Proven. Trusted.


With over 20 years of experience, Gryphon continues to provide Military and Police Special Operations with proven Method-of-Entry Systems, Breaching Equipment, Explosives, and Certified Training. Gryphon offers field proven products it manufacturers, as well as premium product lines from industry leading companies. For full product offerings, please browse our website or contact us directly - Due to the sensitive nature of some of Gryphon's products, not all is publicly displayed.

Gryphon specializes in providing equipment in the following areas:

Defence Equipment

  • Security Systems

  • Premium Tactical Gear

  • Protective Case Systems

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Professional Services Division:

    Gryphon delivers a wide range of professional services to government departments, military and law enforcement units, and corporate agencies internationally. Gryphon's professional team of former Special Operatives personnel and Senior Law Enforcement provide a diverse range of skills and knowledge gained through field experience and combat operations. As such, Gryphon's professional services have been categorized into the following areas (for full range of services and abilities, please see our services page):

        • Consulting Services: focusing on Tactical Planning, Explosives & Ancillary Equipment, and various course writing & development.
        • Security Force & Risk Management: Gryphon supplies reaslitic and cost effective solutions for eliminating potential terrorist or criminal threats.
        • Training Courses: Gryphon offers a collection of Certified Training Courses in EOD/IEDD, Carver Tactical TVA, Tactical Planning, K9 Operations, & Explosive Breaching.

    Textiles Division:

    From Concept to Reality, Gryphon supplies innovative solutions, rapid design prototypes and mil-spec in-house textiles.

    For 20 years, Gryphon has been developing, manufacturing, and delivering industrial-grade textiles for Law Enforcement, Fire, Medical, and Military Agencies.With our team of textile experts working in-house in Ottawa, Canada - you can guarantee quality assurance and a piece of kit you can depend on when you need it most.

    Meeting police and military specification, Gryphon's specialists can transform your idea or sketch into a reality. From Body Protection, to Method-Of-Entry Equipment to Integrated Backpack Systems, Gryphon has worked closely with client after client delivering quality-driven results.

    We encourage you to browse our Tactical Apparel online to scope our vast collection and broad knowledge of tactical gear and equipment. Contact us for further examples and to see what we can do for you.


        • Canadian Designed, Canadian Manufactured
        • Mil-Spec Materials meeting North American Standards
        • Licensed to use Canadian Cadpat
        • design tetiles from concepts (ideas, drawings, conversations)
        • modular self attaching molle systems on most bags
        • dynamic use of textile combinations to improve ballastic capabilities
        • Variety of patents on highly researched and intellectual designs
        • No order to small; Can support small orders as well as managelarge contacts
        • 100% workmanship guaranteed


        • Solution-based protoyping
        • In-House Custom Manufacturing of textile products
        • Contract services for small/medium production runs of third party products
        • Embroidery (Including team badges) & Custom Fitting

    K9 Tactical Division:

    Gryphon offers Canadian designed and manufactured K9 textiles equipping you with reliable gear meeting all your tactical needs. From high end full-protection muzzles, whether made of leather or layered kevlar and ballistic nylon, to full on bite suits that are uniquely light and flexible. Through in-depth research and innovative development, all of Gryphon's K9 textiles are quality manufactured with the trainer in mind with attention to detail in every aspect of each design.

    Schedule a meeting today with a Gryphon K9 Textile Specialist to explore your custom solutions.


    Gryphon works to provide custom and quality services with our clients in mind. Gryphon's staff are eager to assist departments and their special operations teams in the development of their individual programs. All our courses are tailored to meet the specific requirements & concerns of the client. Our instructors are all experienced special forces operators who are focused on realistic, real-world solutions. Please contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can provide you with a customized solution.